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LED Light Therapy

Led light therapy isn’t just for celebrities or the big city, they are here in Poole. We are very lucky to have the award-winning Neo Elegance on hand to help with all your skin rejuvenation needs. What makes LED light therapy so special is that it is scientifically proven to repair skin tissues and a whole range of skincare needs. With boasting over 1000 LED’s the wavelengths absorb light deep into the skin. Targeting the epidermis layer, dermis, and subcutaneous tissues which is where collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid happen.

Reduces inflamation
Anti ageing
Fights acne
Glowing & Hydrated
Helps psoriasis

Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy can penetrate deeper into your skin than any other colour, its effective at treating inflammation, ageing, large pores, fine lines, sagging skin, psoriasis, and wound healing to name a few. The red light stimulates fibroblast cells which are responsible for new collagen regrowth, elastin and hyaluronic acid, which in turn make us look younger.

Blue Light Therapy

Blue light therapy is used to smooth and treat acne, it targets inflammation, spots, acne, pores and the biggest culprit of causing spots, the sebum gland.

The sebum gland can sometimes over produce oil which in turn makes our skin oily and clogs our pores, not only can it over produce oil it can sometimes be harbouring bacteria, which then travels with the oil onto the surface of the skin, causing more acne and spots. The blue light effectively kills that bacteria and regulates the sebum gland to stop over producing oil

Science Behind LED Light therapy

The light waves activate the skins photoreceptors and allow the skin cells to absorb its energy. It works by treating skin issues from the inside out. It works deep in the layers of the skin to inhibit bacteria formation, stimulate collagen and reduce inflammation.

No skincare available can penetrate as deeply as light therapy, the treatment itself has no heat, the skinĀ  naturally absorbs the light, similar to a plant absorbing light

Treatment summary

Procedure Time

30 minutes

No. of Treatments

6 - 8 treatments

Side effects


Back To Work

Right away

Result Show


Results last

2 years Top up at 6 - 9 months

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LED Light Therapy Cost.

You can treat yourself to this fantastic treatment today for a low price of.

Our Price

£ 39
Per session
  • Red Light Therapy
  • Blue Light Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

LED light therapy is the process of using light waves to treat skin conditions.

There is no heat or skin sensation while having LED light therapy

LED treatment is 30 minutes.

Results can be seen from one treatment, a healthy glow as blood circulation has been boosted. A course of treatments result in smoother, brighter, healthier skin with a reduction in breakouts, ageing concerns, uneven skin & an improvement in skin hydration and vitality.

8 treatments are recommended, but could be anywhere between 6 – 10 depending on skin problems

Yes, a parent or guardian should be present.

Yes retinol is great for anti-ageing and works very well along side LED

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